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  1. When the economy is bad,and a contractor has alot of employess and trucks
    on the road you are more likely to get taken,even from a honest contractors
    at times.FACT.There IS a bottom line for how much a company HAS to make
    each day to break even,and that’s just to break even.WE are NOT in business
    to break even.HVAC is a tough business.The overhead can be ridiculous.Each
    tech that goes out in the morning has to come back with a minimum amount of
    money to cover his pay for the day,and business overhead and profit.Profit
    is NOT a bad word.I DO NOT tell customer they have to do this,do that.I
    suggest to them to change certain parts cause of their age,visual condition
    of the part.This is called preventive maintenance.Commercial I look for
    everything I can write up to make money.However,my boss does not mark the
    parts up ridiculously .

  2. Roto Rooter in business because of a big name, hundreds of employees and a
    very good advertising. consumers see big names on commercials and they
    think ” well they must be good” same reason why everyone wants a Trane or
    Carrier unit over something like a Goodman brand. Same components,
    different name.

  3. Roto Rooter is the biggest scam out there.Never call these people up even
    if your life depends on it.A good friend of mine had a main drain stoppage
    at his house.I was out of town when this happened,so I couldn`t do the job
    right.So he decided to call up Roto Rooter to come out and fix the
    problem.The guy from Roto Rooter told my friend”He had to pull the toilet
    to be able to run the sewer cable.”The guy didn`t want to go on the roof,
    by running the snake down the vent.So he pulled the toliet ran the sewer
    snake to unstop the blockage..For some unknown reason the guy wasn`t able
    to unstop the blockage..So he never installed the toilet.So after it was
    all said and done..Roto Rooter charged my friend $300.00 just to come out,
    pull the toilet but failed to do what he was suppose to do.I went over to
    his house, ran about 75 feet of cable..Unstopped the blockage.I then
    installed the toliet afterwards.I charged him $100.00.BEWARE OF ROTO

  4. Throughout the news footage the reporter kept saying HOT WATER HEATER. If
    the water is hot, why heat it. What you probably need is a COLD WATER

  5. the roto rooter guy is desperate….. if you worked for a company that
    specializes in cleaning drains wouldn’t you try to spend as much time as
    possible replacing heaters? Otherwise you might be playing in duke.
    BUHAhahaahaha! No, I have never intentionally misdiagnosed a heater but
    these plumbers are the ones that can’t get work anywhere else for the most

  6. the guy who didnt charge should be hired by everyone!!!! we need more
    people like this guy.. i would hire him if he was in my area

  7. Are roto rooter hacks even licensed plumbers? Why would you call a drain
    cleaning company to do HWT service? 

  8. Ask the guy to see his plumbing license and make sure it is not an
    apprentice license. We don’t work for free. We didn’t get into plumbing
    for it to be a hobby.

  9. Gosh Who would have Thought that Roto Rooter would Rip Off People??
    I’m startin’ to wonder about The Tooth Fairy Now

  10. Good Video
    Beware of Large Plumbing and Electrical Service companies. Me I would
    recommend you call a smaller Mom and Pope Service company or a company
    recommend by a friend and family member. Commission bass plumbing or
    Electrical service companies have changed. It’s all about the numbers now.
    I feel sometimes Commission service companies may not be a good choice for
    many customers out there. In many cases I feel it puts the service tech in
    a position to overcharge or just rip off a customer to make money. This
    could be like putting a gun in the wrong hands with a license to steal. I
    feel you will find most of the service tech’s they send out are not even
    licensed and may know less then you. The service tech that they may send
    out to your home or business may have an Apprentice card which means
    they’re just a beginner. When you do call for a plumber ask the company to
    send out someone with Plumber or Electrician license. If you don’t they
    will send anyone and most people wouldn’t know if they were licensed or not
    because their train salesmen. And they will sell whatever you will fall
    for. In my opinion. These companies aren’t looking to hire real plumbers,
    they want Salesmen with plumbing or electrician license. Honest plumbers
    and electrician find it really hard to survive in this type of business now
    day’s because of the strong sale technic that these companies push and
    quota they demand an honest Tech can’t make good money and don’t last long
    on plumbing service jobs. This kind of practice really needs to stop. No
    one has ever said anything until they’re the victim.
    Past this around thank you very much

  11. Unfortunately, a lot of these guys are pushed, by the owners of the
    plumbing company. To sell, sell, sell, or they lose their job, cause there
    numbers are to low for the company to make a large profit. I’ve been in the
    plumbing Business for over 20+ years and over 85% of plumbing companies,
    I’ve worked for, constantly push to upsell, they even have monthly or even
    weekly meetings on making the sale. More often then not the owner, looks at
    the numbers and not the integrity of the company.

  12. ♪ Call Roto-Rooter – that’s the name
    And away goes your money down the drain!
    Up Yer Pooter! ♫

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